Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce might not be part of the sequel, since the reaction has been mixed, although the game seems to be selling strongly.

“We knew it would be polarizing,” Yves Guillemot told CVG when quizzed over the ‘fairly generic characters’. “Some people loved the characters and some didn’t. It was difficult to please everybody with that character.

Ubisoft: Aiden Pearce Might Not Return In Watch_Dogs 2 1

Now, having seen the reaction, we know what we will do next to improve that. When asked if he’ll return as the lead in Watch Dogs 2, he replied: I can’t say because I don’t know actually. We’ll see.”

He was asked about the most common video game characters, which seem to follow the same archetype: ‘angry white man’, Guillemot addressed the problem: “We are working on that.

We want to spend more time on the worlds and characters in our games… you will see more and more of this at Ubisoft. We’ll try to be less like we have been in the past with some characters. We’ll try to extend more diversity.”

Watch_Dogs is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. A Wii U release will follow at a later date.


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Source: CVG.

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