Deep Silver & Volition’s Agents of Mayhem magnum sized action trailer released.

The trailer showcases the game’s “Magnum Sized Action” and introduces two new characters, get it after the jump:

Agents of Mayhem Magnum Sized Action Trailer


“Seoul is LEGION’s city, with the help of the base agents at the ARK, Agents take back Seoul from LEGION occupation. Machining expert and resident engineer Gremlin runs the R&D lab. Terminally positive, Gremlin engages her mischievous curiosity for all machines to create some of MAYHEM’s deadliest weapons such as the Gutterball Gun that strikes down everything in its path with a barrage of giant electrified balls, or the Cabbit Bomb that turns your enemies into an explosive cabbit. Gremlin’s crazy weapons can be found hidden in caches around the city and while her devices aren’t often the most well tested or safe out there, but they’re guaranteed to make a splash.

As you battle Dr Babylon and defeat his Lieutenants, LEGION’s hold on Seoul will weaken. Locate and eliminate LEGION Patrols, destroy their supply trucks, rescue scientists taken hostage, or attack and capture one of LEGION’s major outposts and use the intel gained to pinpoint all of LEGION’s other nearby activities.

Dr Babylon won’t allow Agents to carry on unguarded though, he sends troops to respond to attacks, fortifies his Outposts with Sniper Nests, Barricades, Mines, and Mole Machines to deliver troops – or counterattacks in true evil style by dispatching one of his minions to attack you with a Doomsday Weapon!”


The only daughter of a working-class family in Tennessee, Katy Fox grew up with a lot of free time. Time she spent tinkering with machines, from her family’s dishwasher to her neighbor’s classic car. Her dad worked in construction and would often bring her onto job sites–until her fiddling with a cement truck’s transmission almost brought down an office building.

This mischievous curiosity has generally served her well and even landed her a free ride at MIT. Unfortunately, Devil’s Night put the kibosh on that dream as America’s hallowed halls of learning shut their doors as the country regrouped. She found another dream though in Mayhem.

As Gremlin, she runs the R&D Lab aboard the Ark the only way she knows how: controlled chaos. She likes mess, loves mistakes, and can’t wait to get her hands on something new so she can tear it apart and see how it works. She has a natural affinity for machines. She understands them, and they understand her.

She’s the little sister of the Mayhem. Pretty much everybody loves the spunky little sprite in charge of creating the team’s deadliest weapons. Even Persephone appreciates Gremlin’s shiny disposition, though the head of Mayhem will never admit to it.

Personality / Motivation

  • Gremlin is always perky, upbeat and thrilled to be doing her job. She has a front row seat to the best technology in the world, and constantly has several side projects going. To Gremlin, nothing breaks; things just present new, wonderful opportunities.
  • Spunky, positive.
  • Rarely gets frustrated.
  • Nothing breaks; things just present new, wonderful opportunities.


  • Doesn’t blaspheme or use conventional swear words; she invents her own terms.


George Adler was to be Doctor Babylon’s prized lieutenant. Legion’s science-boss recruited the American computer genius to outshine Nero Iscariot. Unfortunately for George, Babylon became aware that Adler was actually working with the Minister of Greed on the side and killed him.

That would have been the end of it, if not for George’s daughter, Konstanze, whose mind was equal to her father’s. Babylon recruited her to finish her father’s work. To ensure she could not betray him, Babylon inserted a control chip in her brain. Babylon became fond of Konstanze, coming to regard her as a daughter. He even codenamed his little muse “Ariadne.” But she hated her father’s murderer she overcame the chip in her brain.

Ariande became a psychopath. Eventually, over time, Konstanze gained some clarity. But she is still woefully insane. She wants nothing more than to regain her sanity and make herself whole again.

To the envy of the other lieutenants, Konstanze has complete free will to do whatever she wants. As Babylon puts it, “Why would I constrain such wild imagination?


  • She’s looking to complete herself and be accepted as a rational, sane lieutenant within Legion.
  • She has been tainted by Legion technology and is trying to remove it from her body
  • She knows she’s been a pawn of pride and greed but still fluctuates between them
  • Wants vengeance against Pride, wants to remove their advanced technology from the world
  • Wants to be taken seriously for her genius, not totally unlike Doctor Babylon
  • She was given the chip in her brain so that Doctor Babylon could keep her under control.

Agents of Mayhem will release on August 15 in USA and August 18, 2017 worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Agents of Mayhem 'Magnum Sized Action' Trailer 3
Agents of Mayhem 'Magnum Sized Action' Trailer 4

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