Adobe Systems’ freeware software for viewing multimedia, executing rich Internet applications, streaming video & audio gets a new stable release, Flash Player 28.

Flash Player runs from a web browser as a browser plug-in or on supported mobile devices – has a wide user base, and is a common format for games, animations, and GUIs embedded into web pages.

Adobe Flash Player Released 2

Installed on more than 750 million connected desktops and mobile devices.

The new version of Flash Player features important bug fixes, security updates, and new features.

Adobe Flash Player 28 release notes:

Fixed Issues

December 12, 2017

Flash Player

  • [Mac] Flash Player NCP is not launched from system preferences when NPAPI Flash Player is installed
  • [Windows]Playback issues are observed while playing the DRM content on Chrome.
  • Memory leak is observed when running a Stage3D application using Baseline_Constrained profile(FP-4198562)
  • File upload dialog becomes unresponsive on Chrome when using the Scratch editor (FP-4198254)
  • The volume slider is not visible while playing the video from!content/74336/CHUD-2-Bud-The-Chud in fullscreen mode.

Download (Firefox, Safari, Opera): Adobe Flash Player | 19.8 MB
Download (Internet Explorer): Adobe Flash Player | 19.3 MB
Download: Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller | 1.2 MB

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