Ubisoft announced a Season Pass for their upcoming historical action-adventure open world game, Assassin’s Creed Unity.

The Season Pass features a new campaign, missions & a new standalone 2.5D experience Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China.

Assassin’s Creed Unity – Dead Kings: Follow Arno, after the events of Assassin’s Creed Unity, to the ominous rural city of Saint Denis. Explore the troubling city’s extensive underground universe – an ancient necropolis with an intricate network of catacombs and deep caves that hide the best-kept secrets of the deceased French kings.

Use Arno’s new lantern to advance in the dark, fend off animals, and solve ancestral puzzles; or put out the lantern to explore the catacombs in the dark. Battle the Raiders, an aggressive and secretive faction desecrating the catacombs of Saint Denis for mysterious reasons.

To combat these powerful new foes, Arno will add the Guillotine Gun to his arsenal – a powerful weapon that allows him to unleash both long-range explosives and close-combat havoc. Once obtained, the Guillotine Gun can be used in the main Assassin’s Creed Unity game, including co-op missions.”

Expand Your Experience in Paris: Upgrade your Master Assassin and equip more than 30 new items including weapons, gear, and outfits. Whatever your play style, you will be able to build the perfect load-out to achieve your objectives. Content carries over from Assassin’s Creed Unity to Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings, and back.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China – A new downloadable game set in China,1526. Shao Jun, the last remaining Assassin of the Chinese Brotherhood has returned to her homeland with a vendetta. Newly trained by the legendary Ezio Auditore, she is hell-bent to exact vengeance and restore her fallen brotherhood.

In this 2.5D reimagining of the celebrated franchise. Experience parkour on the Great Wall, use martial arts and new weapons to kill from the shadows, and take the Leap of Faith in a vibrant setting designed for digital download.”

There are more secret mysteries to unravel and more daring heroes whose stories remain untold. For gaming enthusiasts who share a passion for rewriting history with games, Ubisoft presents a thrilling new saga of vengeance, retribution and redemption: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China Key Features:

  • Experience The Thrill of Being a Stealthy Assassin – Use martial arts and all-new Assassin gear, like the Jian Sword and Foot Blade, to take on groups of your enemies in all-out combat, or stealthily pick them off one-by-one.
  • Dive Into a Vibrant Civilization in an Exciting Time Period – Travel across China and its legendary landmarks. Stalk enemies from the roofs of the Forbidden City, hide in the shadows of The Great Wall, meet iconic historical figures and experience this great Empire in the 16th Century during the Ming Dynasty.
  • Play in a True Living Painting – Enjoy unique art direction inspired from traditional brush paintings.

Experience everything Assassin’s Creed Unity has to offer with the Season Pass. With 8 hours of new content including a new campaign in a rural city outside Paris, more missions and gear in Paris, and an all-new downloadable game set in 16th Century China, and much more at $29.99

Assassin’s Creed Unity will release on November 11 in North America, November 13 in Europe & November 14, 2014 in UK for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass Detailed 1
Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass Detailed 2
Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass Detailed 3
Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass Detailed 4
Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass Detailed 5
Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass Detailed 6
Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass Detailed 7
Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass Detailed 8
Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass Detailed 9
Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass Detailed 10


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Source: Ubisoft

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