There was some confusion among Call of Duty Elite premium PlayStation 3 owners about the timing for the release of Modern Warfare 3 DLC on console.

This week marked the release of the very first “content drop” for Modern Warfare 3, along with the DLC release date calendar for 2012. Liberation and Piazza were released exclusively for Xbox 360 Call of Duty Elite premium subscribers.

Dan Amrich, and Activision PR agent shoots down the complaints saying that Activision never told anyone that they would be getting the content at the same time.

If you thought that signing up for Call of Duty Elite premium service on your PS3 would get you access to DLC the same time as your Xbox 360 counterparts, well, the publisher says it never made any claims to that effect” said Amrich on his blog: One of Swords.

Activision: "PS3 Call of Duty Elite Confusion Is Not Our Fault" 1

“I can find no evidence of ‘buy Elite, get PS3 DLC same time as 360’ ever being so much as suggested by any official source,” he wrote. “It was never one of the things listed in the official benefits chart; it was never promised by any representative of Activision, Call of Duty, Elite, or its developers. Honestly? I think gamers just convinced themselves that it would happen because they wanted it to happen. That makes sense, but it doesn’t make it true.”

“Elite subscribers will be able to access the DLC before it goes on sale to a la carte purchasers,” wrote Amrich. “The window of time has not been disclosed. For PS3 owners, this does not override this business deal that currently brings Call of Duty DLC to Xbox 360 first; that deal is valid through 2012. However, Elite members will get the DLC before the non-Elite members on their respective platforms.”

According to Amrich, the bottom line is that “I’m seeing people scream “rip-off” and stuff like that, but nobody’s going to get ripped off; every gamer will get everything they were promised and everything they paid for.” It’s unfortunate that people assumed things about Elite that turned out to not be based in fact, but I hope the truth is clear now. Unpopular, I’m guessing, but clear.”

The first maps for Modern Warfare 3 were released earlier this week for Xbox360. Non-premium Elite members and PC and PS3 players will have to wait for further word on their release dates.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, the game might even come out on the Wii U platform.

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Activision: "PS3 Call of Duty Elite Confusion Is Not Our Fault" 2Activision: "PS3 Call of Duty Elite Confusion Is Not Our Fault" 3

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