Sledgehammer co-founder and general manager Glen Schofield said that Modern Warfare 3’s smoother 60 fps gives it the edge over “competitors”.

Although Schofield is careful not to mention Battlefield 3, it easy to guess which competitor he is referring to considering the war  between Activision and EA’s upcoming games.

Activision’s message to EA(DICE) 1

Then, there’s the fact that Battlefield 3 will run at 30fps on console, news which was met with complaints from some gamers.

“You can go out and name your engine and call it whatever you want, right,” Schofield told AusGamers when asked about Battlefield 3’s brand new Frostbite 2 engine. “You know, I’ve done that before, I’ve seen that trick and the bottom line is, MW3 will run at 60fps. Not sure any of our competitors will.”

“Not sure I’ve seen any of our competitors on the console,  running at 60fps, and I’d be a little scared at this point – in June – if I was looking forward to a particular game that wasn’t on the console and running at 60.

“I think 60 is our competitive edge and you just don’t throw that away. You don’t ship an engine, you ship a game,” Schofield concluded.

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Activision’s message to EA(DICE) 2Activision’s message to EA(DICE) 3

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