Naughty Dog was working to achieve 60fps for their upcoming action-adventure, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but the team is making sure the player’s experience won’t impact due to 60fps gameplay.

Speaking to Game Informer, creative director Neil Druckmann was asked, how difficult it would be to get the game running at 60fps, He replied: “Really fucking hard. That’s true for any game.

It was really hard on The Last of Us Remastered, and that’s a game we had finished and we knew exactly what the end result needs to look like.

And here [with Uncharted 4] we’re trying to push the boundaries of what this game can look like; and do realistic, real-time cutscenes; and trying to do 60fps is really hard.”

Druckmann was quizzed if the team is targeting 60fps for Uncharted 4, He said, “I don’t know. The objective for us is just to make the best experience and right now we’re trying to push the look.

Then we’ll see where we’re at and re-assess. We’re constantly making choices throughout production of what’s going to make the game feel best and look its best.”

He further goes on to express that PlayStation 4‘s technical abilities compared to PS3 is “actually pretty amazing, to tell you the truth.

There’s things that have been issues in the past that aren’t issues at all right now. And it’s funny because how quickly you forget that used to be an issue.

That being said, just like every piece of tech, what Naughty Dog does is we push the limits to anything and everything that’s in our eyesight, in our reach.

There’s always limits on resources, but all the problems that used to exist are gone. We just have a new set of problems now,” he concluded.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be available sometime this year for PlayStation 4.


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Source: Gameinformer

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