Ubisoft released a new trailer for their upcoming historical action-adventure open world game, Assassin’s Creed Unity featuring NVIDIA optimizations.

“Enjoy Nvidia exclusive optimizations in the PC version of Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Discover breathtaking Paris thanks to an experience enhanced by Nvidia technology.”

Can your PC run the game? find out here.

Nvidia Features:

  • NVIDIA HBAO+ adds realistic Ambient Occlusion shadowing and shading around objects and surfaces that occlude light, with a higher degree of precision than other AO techniques, significantly improving image quality in every scene.
  • NVIDIA Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows add contact hardening soft shadows throughout the game, increasing image quality in every scene.
  • NVIDIA GeometryWorks Advanced Tessellation adds real DirectX 11-powered geometric detail to roads, rooftops, buildings, and many more game elements, improving the realism and detail level of almost every game scene. Furthermore, with the addition of real geometric detail, enhanced surfaces and objects can be accurately shaded and shadowed by HBAO+ and PCSS, increasing realism and graphical fidelity by an even greater degree.
  • NVIDIA TXAA temporal anti-aliasing eliminates the distracting movement of anti-aliased lines and edges, and also eliminates other artifacts associated with anti-aliasing. Edge anti-aliasing is comparable with 8xMSAA, but at the performance cost of 4xMSAA.

You’ll also “receive usual PC benefits such as improved textures, effects and assets, along with control options, faster framerates, the ability to render the game at higher resolutions, such as 4K, and the ability to play the game at a higher resolution on your HD monitor with new NVIDIA Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) technology.”

Assassin’s Creed Unity will release on November 11 in North America, November 13 in Europe & November 14, 2014 in UK for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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Source: NVIDIA.

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