The Last of Us First Review: ‘Easy Contender For Best Game’

The first review for Naughty Dog‘s upcoming action-adventure survival horror video game, The Last of Us has emerged.

British film magazine Empire published a review for The Last of Us ahead of its release next week, claiming the survival horror is “an easy contender for the best game of this console generation.”

The Last of Us

The review article which awarded The Last of Us a perfect 5/5 has since been pulled, but not before it circulated online.

The Last of Us is not just the finest game that Naughty Dog has yet crafted and an easy contender for the best game of this console generation, it may also prove to be gaming’s Citizen Kane moment,” reads the review, “a masterpiece that will be looked back upon favorably for decades.”

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The Last of Us will hit stores worldwide on June 14, 2013, exclusive for PlayStation 3.

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Source: Videogamer

Author: MoStWaNteD

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  • TheGamingAtheist

    Gaming's Citizen Kane? Sir, I wholeheartedly agree

  • dDisease

    Another fine cinematic experience from Naughty Dog, oh joy!

    • extermin8or2

      wondering if now you’ve played tlou? maybe you’ve dropped the sarcasm?

  • Dark Father

    Garbage. Its just Uncharted with Zombies and a sidekick kid with cussing. "cinematic sequences" is what killed UC3. Horrible game. UC2 was much better. You people exaggerate too much.

    • Bryan Scaggs

      agreed uncharted 2 was sooooo much better than 3

    • Dukenu

      You forgot "in your opinion".

    • extermin8or2

      wonder if you’ve now played it? still agree with that rediculous comment considering the game wasn’t even out yet?

  • Mattias Tjobbe Larsson

    Should be awesome, just remember the uncharted games, both 1,2 and 3rd was amazing graphics and amazing adventure in all ascpets.

  • Pre-ordered

    Don't Like? Don't Play. I on the other hand can't wait.

  • Darkcore

    You cant compare everything what naughty dog makes to uncharted.This game will be nothing like uncharted.Its a game about survival and not findig artifacts and ancient stuff.In this game you wont climb on everything you see like the tallest buildings.And Joel is a totally different character than Drake.And there are no zombies in it.Cordyceps are infecting people.Cordyceps is a real thing that infects bugs,kills them,and then it grows out of the body.In this game Cordyceps is stronger and can infect humans.