The Last of Us Multiplayer Confirmed; New Details Revealed

In a recent interview with GamesTrailer, Neil Druckmann creative director on The Last of Us revealed some new details about the game including multiplayer.

In the brief three minute interview we get some details regarding new story and character in addition to the ones that emerged during E3. The first details is how Joel and Ellie’s companionship began.

A dyning friend of Joel asked him to take care of his daughter Ellie. As we all know The Last of Us story will revolve around Joel and Ellie, and will be accompanied by more characters as the story progresses into “short stories”, as detailed by Neil Druckman.

Neil didn’t share anything related to multiplayer section of the game, but the good news is that he did confirm it, watch the interview after the break:

Previously, Neil Druckmann, showed off a live gameplay demo of ‘The Last of Us‘ on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show.

The Last of Us is due to hit shelves in 2013.


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Author: MoStWaNteD

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  1. I look forward to The Last of Us.

    but the bad thing about it is in germany it will be cut, I'm sure about it!! :(

    So I must buy this great looking game in austria there it will be uncut! >:)

    and I asking myself how it will be in Multiplayer… :D but I think that will be so awesome!

    Regards from germany!!

  2. Wow, did you guys seriously copy and paste the same article from D*********.com?
    You really did just lose all your credibility. I wouldn’t doubt that most of your stuff is copy and paste.

    • Why would we copy and paste stuff? if we take some stuff from a website, we tag it as our source.

  3. Last of Us looks so great, I'm super excited for it. My only concern is that there seemed to be a lot of scripted events in the demo, I'm hoping that's not the case when it releases

    • Most of that wasn't scripted, that was just one of many different ways that scene could of played out. There was a secret demo (only shown to the press) where the scene was played out with stealth, no killing!

  4. "Neil didn’t share anything related to multiplayer section of the game, but the good news is that he did confirm it"

    I fail to see how this is good news, games like this do not need multiplayer tacked on. Co-op yes, competitive multi is a joke for a survival action game. Stop trying to appeal to the cod kids please.

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