Sony Pictures Registers The Last of Us Movie Domains

Sony Pictures has registered the movie domains for Naughty Dog’s action-adventure survival horror video game, The Last of Us.

The domains and were registered on November 25 via MarkMonitor, the world leader in enterprise brand protection.

Try not to get too excited, since this might be just a move to protect the brand rather than any plans of a film adaptation based on Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us.

The publisher nor the developer have official made an announcement regarding a movie version of post-apocalyptic action-adventure, it might happen considering Uncharted movie is in early stages of production.

The game “takes place in the United States, twenty years after a spore-based infection rapidly spread across the globe, wiping out a vast majority of the population by warping its hosts’ brains and turning them into deadly predators capable of killing with a single bite.

The majority of the world’s population has been reduced to either struggling survivors or ravenous infected mutants. The game features several locations across the United States, including Boston and Lincoln, Massachusetts, Pittsburgh, and Salt Lake City, Utah.”

The Last of Us sold 3.4 million copies worldwide in three weeks, making it the fastest-selling PS3 game of 2013.

Do you want to see a movie adaptation of The Last of Us? Sound off in the comments below.


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  1. Meh, I dunno. In the game, the story was told very well, cuz it was a GAME. In the movie, it don’t have to be the same :L

  2. HELL YES!! plus it’ll give them sum extra experience n better any errors early on. ALL of us expect great things!! :)

  3. Yes Please! This game would make an EPIC FILM. just stick with the storyline though. there is no need to change anything!

  4. it would be pretty cool if they make it right, though there is always that looming feeling knowing that video game movies dont do to well…

  5. It’s already essentially a movie, I can’t imagine anything a film could do which the game doesn’t already do twenty times better.

  6. This needs to be made into a trilogy if they are going to have any hope of making this without leaving out tons of scenes.

  7. they should also make an animation with the same graphics c:

  8. joel – gerald butler
    ellie – chloe moretz
    marlene – Kerry Washington

      • leo i don’t think ellen would act after her tussle with naughty dogs about the likeness even my first preference was ellen but after that marketing stunt i would prefer a brunette chloe moretz

    • Please not that kickass girl, she’d ruin the movie for me.

      I’d vote for Ellen Page or Emma Roberts. Most similarties I think

      • Ellen Page would never agree to be in the movie after the ordeal about them ‘ripping off her likeness”

  9. ALL OF US waiting for film :)

  10. For the love of all gaming gods, please don’t let this happen. Why the fuck would you turn a master piece of a game into a movie? The story was already told, putting it into 2 hours or less is either going to really fuck with the plot, or make it so they have to completely change the plot into something stupid like they always do with video game movies. There is no reason to turn certain games into movies with the next gen gaming engines as it already allows the game developers to tell a full story, complete with relatable characters that already look like real people.

  11. no way to do the movie with out cutting out massive parts, most of which made the game such a masterpiece. stay away from making it a movie, video game movies have been horrible.

  12. A 17 hour experience crammed into just 2 hours for a movie. What could possibly go wrong?

    • make it two movies? 3 hours each? :)

      • could work, but i think a mini series would be better.

    • Who says they movie has to have any relation to Joel and Ellie or the game itself? There is two official resident evil cgi movies and they have nothing to do with any of the game’s plot.

      • those were crap. the only thing I would be on board with, would be a mini series.

  13. this movie must be 18 hours long or more to experience the whole story and the thrill…… make a drama for them who don’t know what is “THE LAST OF US” mean hahahaha

  14. Hell yes! The best game I’ve ever played and I love Naughty Dog! <3
    ELLEN PAGE would be ideal to star Ellie but not sure if she would agree to the role.

  15. Joel – Josh Brolin

    Ellie – Ellen Page

    Tommy – Josh Holloway

  16. if they wanna make a film adaption, it should be something completely different from the main story, cuz thats just gonna fuck it up for me, as many other comments have said.

    **SPOILER ALERT****************** if they made a film of, for instance, what happened between joel and tommy before the game, thatd be fine, i guess. if the film is a prequel to The Last of Us and its maybe-sequels, it could be good.

  17. Ellie=Dakota Fanning, thats all i ask, don’t care who plays joel

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