Sony: PSN Games & PS3 Data Won’t Be Transferred To PS4

Sony revealed that PSN games and PS3 data won’t be compatible on PlayStation 4.

Speaking with Engadget, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, said that “PS3 games wouldn’t be compatible with the latest console, but has added that it will try to make titles playable in some form. Because the architecture of the Power-PC-based PS3 and x86-based PlayStation 4 are so different.”

PS3 (1)

He added that, “Sony will only bring across games that don’t guzzle the latest console’s power in emulation and also aim to offer server-side and cloud services to offer a wider library of older games, but that was part of the company’s long-term strategy.”

More news related to PS4 here. PlayStation 4 is set for a holiday 2013 release.


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Author: MoStWaNteD

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  1. This is dumb…my PS3 works perfectly fine. There isn't even any need for a new console.

    • Have fun playing games that can't evolve more because of the PS3s limits. Also have fun with slow downloads and stuff because you don't have a separate processor for it.

    • I agree with you there dude! Like seriously, what is there to improve on? The PS3 is fine!

    • If you like LONG loading times. A LOUD system, and no room to improve from the games we are playing right now. Then i guess your right. The PS3 does work perfectly fine, and there isn't a need for a new console….

  2. get a pc it plays everything , why the hell i have over 70 ps3 titles and i wont be able to play it on the ps 4 . for me this is stupid and annoying . they can shove their ps4 down their pie hole .

  3. Screw that , I'll stick with my PS3 thank you very much.

  4. Sure, the PS3 is fine. But to compete with Microsoft they need to have a new console by this or next year, otherwise Microsoft win and the PlayStation is done for. Although, Sony don't have to do much to win over the Xbox next gen if Microsoft keep shoving Kinect & no games down everyone's mouth.

  5. That's okay, I have no interest in the ps4 anyways.
    After that stupid stunt where only certain ps3's can play ps2 games..I don't think it's worth the money to move up to the next system.

    I hope Microsoft won't be as stupid as Sony when it comes to their new system and backwards compatibility.

  6. If you get a PS4 you dont have to throw away your PS3, just keep both, you idiots.

  7. come on guys, with a pc you need to upgrade the videocard etc.. every 6month, so you can keep playing the last new games and all stuff… i know it, i build pc's on my own… So why complaining when a new console is coming out after 6/7 years… ?

    Think about it… 6month vs 6/7 years… Don't know sure about some of you guy's but i am glad that there is a ps4 on the way, i will keep my PS3 ofcourse i love my PS3 and like some of you said there isn't realy a direct need for a new console but i think it is nice to know that there is one on the way, just my opinion :-))

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